Inclusion at AXA


We have four employee networks to help us embed diversity and inclusion in all that we do. Anyone can be part of our networks, no matter what role they’re in or position they hold. They may identify with a certain group or simply want to be an ally and support others.

 AXA Able

Aiming to drive disability and carer-friendly improvements in the workplace. The network provides support and networking opportunities for employees and family members, and promotes activities within AXA which raise awareness about disabilities and carers.

AXA Balance

AXA Balance represents gender equality and working families. It aims to promote flexibility in seeking an optimum balance in both work and life, enabling our people to feel confident in using the benefits available to them, such as family leave. The network also promotes wellbeing and recognises our diverse role models to help create a working environment of inspiration and support.

AXA Pride

AXA Pride is comprised of LGBT+ employees and friends to promote LGBT+ friendly changes in our workplace. The group provides support and networking opportunities for all our employees and members, and organises activities within AXA that raise awareness about our LGBT+ community.

To celebrate Pride Month, AXA Stride For Pride is back! This year, AXA colleagues from across the globe are aiming to virtually walk 40,000km. From lunchtime strolls with dogs, to running or walking meetings.


Our newest network was formed in 2017. It aims to raise awareness about the value of ethnicity in the workplace and the importance of a diverse workforce. We champion the belief that every employee should have equal access to work and the opportunity to reach their potential. Regardless of ethnicity, background or circumstance.